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Medebound HEALTH

Medebound HEALTH is an international healthcare company that is incorporated and headquartered in New York, and has its operations in North America, and Asia Pacific. It is dedicated to assisting patients across the globe to gain easy access to top medical experts and advanced treatment methods when they encounter frustrating and devastating conditions. Medebound HEALTH has contracted with the world’s largest insurance firms (global Fortune 500 companies) and has successfully acquired worldwide members touching over two million lives, bringing new hope to patients who would otherwise have to travel abroad for care.

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Founders and Heritage

At Medebound HEALTH, we understand that access to the best care is not always easy. Since 1991, our co-founders Dr. Connolly and Mr. Castle have started their journey in assisting American patients to identify Top Doctors, which gave rise to Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. the nation’s leading company for identifying top doctors. Castle and Connolly pioneered the concept of surveying physicians to ask for their recommendations on top doctors in their area, throughout the nation and in every specialty and sub-specialty. They built the Castle Connolly database of top doctors to over 50,000 names and the company’s new owner, Everyday Health has expanded that number to over 60,000 and growing.

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Present and Future

Through a fruitful collaboration with Castle and Connolly,  Dr. Sheena Liu, who co-founded Medebound HEALTH,  has embarked on the business with the focus on medical second opinion services and pharmaceutical access. To date, we have hand-picked and signed up the nation’s top 1% of doctors totaling 1000+ Top US physicians in every medical discipline who are readily available for providing their expertise in assisting patients globally.


Our Vision and Mission

Improving Outcomes and Saving Cost by Empowering Patients across the Globe in
Accessing to the Best Care Regardless of their Location.  


Meet The Leadership


Sheena Liu

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Co-founder and CEO  

Physician from the 2nd best (American founded)hospital in China; PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia; Team lead at Royal Philips (Global 500) and senior scientist with15+ patents; Director of Informatics at a large pharma Boehringer

 Ingelheim (Global 500): managed and executed a high-profile  informatics program with collaboration with 100+ US Top hospitals; Former Editorial board member of IEEE EMBS


John Connolly

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Co-founder, Director of Medical Liason

The nation's foremost expert on identifying top physicians. Former president of New York Medical College for 10+ years. Serial entrepreneur with successful exit. Co-Founder of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, Chairman of Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, among others. Dr. Connolly has been a leader in healthcare for over 30 years. He is a graduate of Columbia University (Ed.D) and has been awarded three honorary doctorates


John Castle

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Co-founder and Director


A prominent investor and a member of The New York Presbyterian Hospital Board of Trustees. Has served on various committees at Harvard, including the Harvard Business School. He has been a member of the board of the MIT/Harvard Whitehead Institute. Former Chairman of the Board of New York Medical College for 22 years. Founder and President of Castle Harlan, a private equity firm which has completed over 50 acquisitions with a total value of approximately $10 billion.


Dexter Sun

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Director, Asia



Dr. Sun is a board-certified physician, a tenured full professor, and serves as the trustee board member at Weill Cornell Medical College with affiliations at both the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Hospital For Special Surgery. Fluent in English, Chinese, and conversational Arabic, Dr. Sun is also a successful serial entrepreneur with a global vision.


David White

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Director, Medical 



Professor at Harvard Medical School, CMO (Chief Medical Officer), Emeritus at Philips Home Healthcare Business ($6 billion business unit); Former CMO of Respironics (acquired for $5 billion). Graduated from Emory University Medical School and completed training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Flores, Chair of Thoracic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, Speaking of Medebound HEALTH Telehealth Services 






Mr. Castle, President of Castle Harlan, Trustee Board member of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Speaking of Medebound HEALTH Telehealth Services

  Our Select Global Clients

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