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Pharmaceutical Access Framework

A medicine that is approved in one nation takes years to become approved and available worldwide due to an absence of a globally harmonized approval system. As a result, patients suffer or die needlessly while waiting for the medicine to reach their country. It is imperative that this change.


Therefore Medebound HEALTH strives to accelerate the introduction of breakthrough medicines from all over the world to meet patients' local unmet medical needs.

We see our role as bringing innovative global treatments to patients through multiple vehicles to fulfill our mission of expanding access to quality care across the globe. We invite biotech and biopharma companies interested in helping more patients who have no access to your medicines, to contact us.

Science Lab

Tech-Enabled Named Patient Program with RWE

We are dedicated to partnering with global biopharmaceutical companies to bring innovative medicines to the Asia Pacific using our expertise in clinical KOLs network, regulatory licenses, and logistics handling. The process is based on a Named Patient Program, in which patients acquire small amounts of medicine that will be used only for themselves to alleviate a troubling condition.  As a result, we can manage an early access NPP program for biopharmaceutical companies to gain access to the Asian market through this method, regardless of whether or not they wish to obtain market authorization in these emerging markets. We provide the expertise, resources and, we have a technology platform to assist the Real World Evidence (RWE) to manage each and every individual request for these new medicines.

Exclusive Distribution/Registration

With access to our in-house expertise in Asia-specific regulatory and legal frameworks and our large network of KOL physicians and hospitals in Asia,  US or EU-based pharmaceutical companies can get our help to register their products for local regulatory approval, in conjunction with the named patient program supply via appropriate regulatory channels. 


With our multi-lingual data-acquisition proprietary technology, we facilitate continuous RWE collection and key metrics evaluation.  For the in-licensed products, we will lead all the clinical development.  Once it is legally registered in the target country/region, we will partner with national/regional distributors for commercialization. ​


Asia Pharma Deployment Leadership 

There should be no geographical barrier to accessing innovative medicine for patients

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