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Medebound HEALTH and a 1700-bed Hospital Held the Cooperation Ceremony Online Despite the Pandemic

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Crossing from the eastern hemisphere to the west, despite the 12-hour time difference, Medebound LLC and Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Gem Flower Hospital (or Liaohe Oilfield Central Hospital, or the Hospital) jointly held the online signing ceremony of the International Telemedicine Consultation Project on April 30. Medebound has built a strategic partnership with the Hospital to provide cross-border telemedicine consulting, aiming to help patients acquire international healthcare services from home.

"Founded in September 1970, Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Gem Flower Hospital has a history of 50 years," Dr. Yang Wang, President of the Hospital, said at the conference. "Over the last 50 years, our hospital has always regarded responsibility as the core value. We never cease to advance our medical technology to achieve sustainable and rapid development. In the future, we will cooperate with Medebound in terms of International telemedicine consultation, cross-border medical treatment and physical examination, and communication of clinical specialties. It will serve as a more efficient platform for international clinical communication, as well as benefit the local patients with extraordinary medical services near home."

Dr. Yucheng Li, Vice President of the Hospital, commented, "In the remote consultation, patient examination data and examination results can be shared seamlessly with the American expert via the cloud, which enables the data sharing and consulting diagnosis. Based on the patient's condition, an individualized treatment plan can be issued by the American expert, sent directly to our hospital by the computer system, and carried out in the local hospital. The whole process is entirely seamless. Compared with traveling abroad for treatment, international remote consultation provides a similar effect with only a fraction of the cost.

Dr. John Connolly, the secretary of Medebound LLC and founder of Castle Connolly Top Doctors, remarked that Castle Connolly finds common ground based on the shared value that both parties are pursuing high-quality healthcare after knowing the past and present of the Hospital. With 20 years of development since 1990, Castle Connolly has built a list covering 52,000 doctors based on nominations from doctors themselves and a strict approval procedure, which fully demonstrates a doctor's value. Dr. Connolly commented that the rewarding collaboration with Medebound HEALTH has made this resource available to Chinese patients and physicians.

Dr. Sheena Liu, CEO of Medebound HEALTH, indicated that Medebound aims to help tens of millions of patients in China with quick access to U.S. doctors for their health issues in an efficient way. It is how Medebound strives to accomplish its vision: universal and impartial care has no limit; medical care can transcend borders. With the incoming 5G era, the world will become more connected, which leads to both opportunities and challenges. This cooperation aims to integrate the best medical resources in both China and the United States and bring state-of-the-art medical care to Chinese people. With the help of domestic high-quality healthcare resources and innovative treatment strategies, patients and physicians at the Hospital can benefit from this cooperation via the newly launched remote consultation platform.

About Liaohe Oilfield Central Hospital

Founded in September 1970, Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Gem Flower Hospital (Liaohe Oilfield Central Hospital) is a 3A-level hospital with 1700 hospital beds, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, healthcare, rehabilitation, first aid, and community health services. The hospital joined the Gem Flower Healthcare Group at the end of 2018. Its development has always been navigated by the goal of "integrating international and domestic high-quality healthcare resources to create a scientific, standardized, and sound medical system for diagnosis and treatment." It never ceases to improve its quality of healthcare services, which leads to sustainable and rapid development. The hospital has established its leading position with its one-and-only medical projects and disciplines in the region. In 2010, the hospital set up a telemedicine center. In 2019, Panjin Regional Telemedicine Center was officially established. Over the last ten years, the hospital has cooperated with many well-known domestic hospitals on remote consultation and substantially met the patients' needs, and facilitated their healthcare accessibility.

About Medebound HEALTH

Medebound HEALTH ( is a global tele-health company with the focus on connecting overseas patients/physicians with US doctors and advanced treatment methods. This is achieved by creating a proprietary bi-lingual HIPAA-compliant tele-health platform, which facilitates secure medical imaging/records translation, transferring and tele-consultations; and by a robust supply chain for advanced medicine. With this highly-differentiated physician network and bilingual IT platform and a strong execution team, Medebound has gained significant market traction with customers including major hospital centers and insurers in Asia. Through Medebound HEALTH's cross-border teleconsultation platform, cancer patients in the eastern world can consult US-based cancer specialists with a few clicks, and patients can also easily access advanced medicines via our pharmaceutical logistics system.


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