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Medebound HEALTH Mentioned by Forbes Among Top Women-Led Start-Ups Driving Future of Healthtech

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Medebound HEALTH is recognized by Forbes for its efforts to assist global patients in having more accessibility to top medical experts and advanced treatments after encountering critical conditions.

NEW YORK, Dec 2021: Forbes has elected telemedicine services provider Medebound HEALTH among the top 52 women-led start-ups driving the future of healthtech and femtech. The list was compiled by Allyson Kapin, the founder of Women Who Tech and an expert contributor on women entrepreneurs and start-up culture.

The company specializes in providing second-opinions to patients around the globe that are facing frustrating or critical conditions. It works with a highly vetted list of the top 1% US physicians. This eliminates the need for travel and increases accessibility for patients that would otherwise be unable to afford travel costs. The solution also ensures patients access a second opinion quicker than before.

In regards to the company's service, Mr. Castle, a Trustee Board member at New York-Presbyterian Hospital stated - "If you're suffering from a life-threatening disease and you're able to get a second opinion, it will in many cases result in substantially better outcomes for patients."

The company reports that its second opinion services improve treatment plans for 75% of consultations. For 22%, it leads to a completely different diagnosis, while for 25% it results in physicians suggesting no need for surgery or a better, less invasive alternative.

Since its inception, Medebound HEALTH has contracted with many of the world's largest insurance companies. It has grown its list of members to over two million lives. The service can be accessed via text, call, or video consultation. At the same time, a company-developed HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform enables seamless data transfer between patients worldwide and US physicians. The process is simple, and patients can get video consultations within a week.

At the company's core beliefs is the message "no one should have to battle serious disease without access to the best possible care." Its customer-centric approach has also resulted in a 95% member satisfaction rating.

Forbes compiles lists on various topics every year. These are typically researched and ranked by an industry professional vetted for excellence and sector knowledge. CEO and Co-founder Sheena Liu has a track record of excellence in the medical field, being an M.D and gaining a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. Other prior career achievements include Team Lead at Royal Philips, director of Informatics at pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim, and management of a high-profile informatics program in collaboration with over 100 top US hospitals.

About Medebound HEALTH: Medebound HEALTH ( is a global tele-health company with the focus on connecting overseas patients/physicians with US doctors and advanced treatment methods. This is achieved by creating a proprietary bi-lingual HIPAA-compliant tele-health platform, which facilitates secure medical imaging/records translation, transferring and tele-consultations; and by a robust supply chain for advanced medicine. With this highly differentiated physician network and bilingual IT platform and a strong execution team, Medebound has gained significant market traction with customers including major hospital centers and insurers in Asia. Through Medebound HEALTH's cross-border teleconsultation platform, cancer patients in the eastern world can consult US-based cancer specialists with a few clicks, and patients can also easily access advanced medicines via our pharmaceutical logistics system.



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Why Medebound HEALTH

1000+ US Physician Network

We know top doctors make a difference. Our consulting doctors are world-class physicians recognized by prestigious awards such as Castle Connolly Top Doctors, encompassing 70+ medical disciplines representing the Top 1% doctors of the nation.

Top 20 US Hospitals

 Medebound HEALTH sends cases to the top doctors from the best medical institutions. These doctors are trained and teaching at top research hospitals, pioneering cutting-edge research, and advocating groundbreaking treatment regimens. 90% of our doctors are trained and worked at some of the country’s most elite institutions, such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Hospital for Special Surgery.

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