Medebound Entered into a Formal Contract with Taikang Insurance Group, a Fortune 500 Company

Updated: Oct 25

Recently, Medebound has successfully signed a service contract with Taikang Insurance Group at its headquarter and Taikang Health Management Subsidiary. TaiKang Group is a Global Fortune 500 financial and insurance giant. In the contract, Medebound HEALTH will provide to its clients remote second opinion services from US top specialists. In the contract, the insurer prospects to promote Medebound’s remote second opinion services in all their 36 subsidiary companies nationwide.

The picture above: Medebound Health invited a top US specialist from Mount Sinai Hospital to several high-profile patient events hosted by Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons hotels, respectively.

About Taikang Group

Founded in 1996, Taikang Insurance Group is currently one of China’s largest insurance and financial services institutions. Taikang Insurance Group is an insurance and financial service conglomerate focused on insurance, asset management, and health and elderly care as main businesses. As a Global Fortune 500 list, the company has over RMB 1.5trillion in total assets under management and over 300 billion in retirement pensions, the company constitutes one of the largest corporate pension investors and management institutions in the Chinese market.

About Medebound HEALTH

Medebound HEALTH ( is a global tele-health company with a focus on connecting overseas patients/physicians with US doctors and advanced treatment methods. This is achieved by creating a proprietary bi-lingual HIPAA-compliant tele-health platform, which facilitates secure medical imaging/records translation, transferring and tele-consultations; and by a robust supply chain for advanced medicine. With this highly differentiated physician network and bilingual IT platform and a strong execution team, Medebound has gained significant market traction with customers including major hospital centers and insurers in Asia. Through Medebound HEALTH's cross-border teleconsultation platform, cancer patients in the eastern world can consult US-based cancer specialists with a few clicks, and patients can also easily access advanced medicines via our pharmaceutical logistics system.