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How To Get Treated In The United States – A Practical Guidance (2023)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Getting treated in the United States guarantees that you receive the best possible medical care in the world.

However, for this to happen, you need to travel to US for treatment. This can be a complicated process that requires taking many steps, including getting an appointment, a visa, temporary accommodation, and understanding the language.

While you as a reader may have perfect English, your relative who needs to consult US-based specialists may not.

In this article, we will emphasize the importance of getting a second opinion in the US, then tackle the steps you need to take before you travel to US for treatment.

Getting a second opinion in the United States

Despite witnessing some incredible innovations in the field of medicine, there are several limitations and shortcomings that exist today.

Misdiagnosing patients is at the top of this list. Giving a patient the wrong diagnosis will undoubtedly lead to erroneous treatments. The rates of misdiagnoses are elevated in certain specialties compared to others. Moreover, some doctors tend to be conservative when it comes to treatment. Others take a more aggressive approach.

Doctors are humans after all, and humans make mistakes.

All of these factors emphasize the importance of getting a second opinion in the United States after a diagnosis.

Here are some reasons to consult US-based specialists for a second opinion:

1. Ineffective treatment

Humans have unique bodies that respond to treatment differently. So, if one drug works well for someone you know, it doesn’t mean it will work exactly the same for you.

With that said, taking a treatment for a while without any signs of healing should raise some questions. It could indicate that your diagnosis or treatment protocol is not accurate.

Getting a second opinion, in this case, might be necessary.

Unfortunately, many people choose to live with suffering because they assume that’s the only option.

2. Rare diagnosis

When you get a very rare diagnosis, you might need to be a little skeptical. Of course, the low prevalence of a diagnosis does not guarantee that it will not affect you. However, you still need to be 100% sure before taking drastic therapeutic measures.

Because of how rare these diseases are, the treatments tend to be heavy as well. This is why you need to be certain of your diagnosis.

The best way to eliminate any doubt you have is by consulting a US-based specialist who has extensive experience with this disorder.

3. Unwarranted treatment

As we mentioned above, some doctors prefer to take aggressive approaches when treating their patients. This means they might recommend an invasive procedure, risky surgery, or unusual treatment.

If this is your case, you should not approve the suggested protocol right away.

You do not have to agree with everything said by your doctor. You have every right to express your worries, ask questions, and let them know that you want to consult US-based specialists.

Remember that you are in control! Avoid being rude about it.

Collecting information about your disease and the available treatments is your way out of this tricky situation.

4. Cancer or other difficult diagnoses

The diagnosis of cancer is one of the most heartbreaking news that a patient can hear. This will also impact the entire family.

Luckily, the past few years yielded impressive advances in cancer therapy. Despite that, you still need a second opinion when you first receive the diagnosis.

Consulting a US specialist might only confirm your diagnosis; however, your doctor will definitely offer more therapeutic options for you. Remember that the US is home to most clinical trials for cancer and other diseases.

Traveling to the US for medical treatments

1. Getting the Visa

To travel to US for treatment, you will most likely need to B2-type visa. This is the same visa that tourists opt for when traveling to the US. However, because there is a lack of regulations when it comes to medical tourism in the US, patients must apply for a B2 visa.

Depending on where you’re coming from, getting a B2 visa may not be that easy. This is not an automatic process; instead, it requires a manual review from the US embassy of your country.

2. Language barrier

Understanding English is primordial to consulting US-based specialists. This step becomes important before you travel. You see, your specialist will most likely organize a telehealth session with you to understand your condition, diagnosis, or treatment plan.

If you are not understanding what your doctor is saying, this could be an issue. Fortunately, we have a solution for this (more on that later).

3. Temporary accommodation

The final hurdle you may face when you travel to US for treatment is lodging. Where are you going to stay? Is it close to the health facility you’re visiting? What about getting from the airport to this place?

Optimally, you would organize your trip to the US before your flight. This means making a hotel reservation and ensuring its appropriate location vis-à-vis the airport and your US-based specialist.

How can we help

In order to travel to US for treatment, you need help! Fortunately, Medebound Health offers all the services you need to first provide an expert second opinion and if a trip is needed, to make your trip comfortable.

The journey begins before you even travel to the US. We organize telehealth consultations with US-based specialists. If your English is weak, we provide live translation to make sure you’re understanding every word from the leading physicians of the country (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins).

Takeaway message

The United States offers the most advanced healthcare services to aid in patient management and improve outcomes. We hope that this article helped you understand some of the steps and obstacles that you may face before you’re able to consult US-based specialists.

If you have questions,feel free to reach out to us via the contact form below.

Medebound HEALTH is an international healthcare company that is incorporated and headquartered in New York. It is dedicated to assisting patients across the globe with frustrating and devastating conditions, to gain easy access to top medical experts and advanced treatment methods in the US. Having signed up 1000+ specialists mainly affiliated to the Top 20 US hospitals, Medebound HEALTH has contracted with the world’s largest insurance firms, global Fortune 500 companies. Its services have covered worldwide members touching millions of lives, and bringing new hope to patients who would otherwise have limited options in their local countries. For more information visit us at

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