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Medebound Signed Agreement with the PingAn Health Diagnostic Center Affiliated with PingAn Group

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Medebound LLC and Ping An Healthcare Diagnostic Center, affiliated with one of China's biggest insurers Ping An China, held a cooperation signing ceremony at Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai. The ceremony signifies the two sides will establish comprehensive cooperation on building a docking channel for the top medical resources in China and the U.S. on radiology, oncology, cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, and altogether 72 medical specialties.

Ms. Ying Jiang, General Manager of Ping An Healthcare Diagnostic Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) and Dr. Sheena Liu, Chairman of Medebound, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Ms. Ana Niu, Director of the Center, Mr. Bo Zhang, Director of the Business Development Department, and Mr. Cen Su, Marketing Director of Medebound also witnessed the signature.

Ms Jiang said, Ping An Healthcare Diagnostic Center is oriented to meet people’s health needs, and is committed to becoming a leader in China’s third-party health diagnostic industry. This can be achieved by technologically advanced equipment, national authoritative medical experts, partnering medical institutions covering the whole country, strong IT systems and professional operation management capabilities. The collaboration between the Center and Medebound will provide even more comprehensive and diversified medical services for Chinese patients, and will also become a model for new healthcare collaboration initiatives.

“Medebound covers 72 medical specialties and has the access to the 1000+ top 5% medical resources in the United States”, said Dr. Sheena Liu. "The cooperation with Ping An sets an important milestone of Medebound's development in China and will also open a fast track to the top global medical expertise for more Chinese patients. This is also the primary mission of Medebound."

About Ping An Health (Diagnostic) Center Ping An Healthcare Diagnostic Center is an important member of Ping An Healthcare blueprint and is a subsidiary of Ping An International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. The Center is not only positioned itself as a third-party medical service provider, but also a participant and promoter of the development of China's healthcare industry. The Center plans to invest 30 billion RMB in five years to establish 1,000 diagnostic centers nationwide and to build a shared economy in the medical field, aiming to become a leader in the third-party diagnostic industry in China. Ping An Group, a Fortune 100 company, is one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

About Medebound HEALTH Medebound HEALTH ( is a global tele-health company with the focus on connecting overseas patients/physicians with US doctors and advanced treatment methods. This is achieved by creating a proprietary bi-lingual HIPAA-compliant tele-health platform, which facilitates secure medical imaging/records translation, transferring and tele-consultations; and by a robust supply chain for advanced medicine. With this highly differentiated physician network and bilingual IT platform and a strong execution team, Medebound has gained significant market traction with customers including major hospital centers and insurers in Asia. Through Medebound HEALTH's cross-border teleconsultation platform, cancer patients in the eastern world can consult US-based cancer specialists with a few clicks, and patients can also easily access advanced medicines via our pharmaceutical logistics system.

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